Operating Instructions


(.pdf version of instructions)

How to use the inside cutter:

1. Connect to power supply (such as 3/8” or 1/2” drill, etc.)
2. Set depth gauge to desired length. The gauge will also assure a square cut.
3. Insert cutter into PVC pipe, resting the depth gauge on the end of the pipe.
4. Turn on power and apply pressure outward as the blade cuts through the pipe. Guide the cutter around the inside of the pipe until the cut is complete. Let the blade cut through the pipe wall and guide it around the inside of the pipe. It will want to go to the right or left. Don’t fight the pull of the blade, let the blade cut the pipe slowly.

Note: If the cutter starts to jump while cutting PVC pipe, reverse blade rotation.

Storage: When cutter is not in use, set depth gauge against the blade to protect the blade. The “Insider” will cut better at a fast RPM when the teeth wear down to bumps.

Changing blades: Place the cutter shaft in a drill chuck, hold the chuck and remove the nut at the blade end. Remove the old blade. Place the new blade on the shaft so it rotates in the correct direction. (The blade may have to be ‘threaded’ onto the shaft due to the precision fit between the blade and the shaft). Put nut and lock washer on hand tight. Make sure the blade is flat against the blade retainer before tightening the nut.


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