The Insider Cutting Tool cuts PVC pipes from the INSIDE and Saves you TIME and MONEY!
Model 100 Insider Model 200 Insider


The Model 100 Insider comes equipped with a blade for cutting 1 ¼” to 2” #40 PVC pipe (#HS64). This blade is the most popular for pool and spa construction and general plumbing needs.

Additional blades are readily available:

-cut ¾” #40 PVC with the #HS134 blade

-cut ½” #40 PVC fire sprinkler fittings with the #HS144 blade

-cut 1” #40 PVC pipe with the #H84 blade


The Model 200 Insider quickly cuts 1 ½” through 6” #40 PVC pipe. You get the INSIDER tool and BOTH blades. The HS15532 zips through 1 ½” to 2” #40 PVC pipe while the HS25540 easily handles 3” through 6” #40 PVC pipe.

*The cutter is designed to cut PVC pipe only*

Replacement Blades for Model 100 Replacement Blades for Model 200

Some Ways the “INSIDER” Saves Time and Money!

Pool and Spa Construction: In pipe groups, reach in and cut any pipe to the length you want.

Repair Broken Pipes: Tunnel to the break in the pipe, then reach in and cut out the broken piece: couple to repair. There is no better helper for repairing and remodeling!

Water Closets: Cut off the water closet pipes under the floor when using an offset closet flange.

Wash Basins: Cut off wash basin and sink stick-outs at the wall. The INSIDER leaves no marks on finished walls from cutting stick-outs close to the wall. You can eliminate the use of a box flange when you use the INSIDER.

Mop Sinks: Mop sinks can be set and leveled – then the stub can be cut off at any time. Mop sink fixtures often have a pipe that must be cut just below the floor for the strainer. The INSIDER Makes it a SNAP!

Urinals: Set urinal and cut the stubs at the right height. This makes cutting those hard-to-get at stubs QUICK and EASY!

Wall Hung Urinal: Tighten the male adapter into the urinal waster fitting and cut off PVC pipe as needed. This cut is in the wall most of the time. Your adapter is now tight and at the exact rough-in location.

Central Vacuum Systems: Trim wall and floor ports flush for exact fit.


Made in the U.S.A.

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